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“we follow your dream around the world”

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Since childhood, photography and cinematography were our hobbies.

We were always trying to capture all our precious and funny moments through a camera lens with the best possible way. And as the years passed, it became more than just a hobby..!

It all started when a friend of ours Katerina, asked us to cover her daughter’s christening. The result was so unexpectedly good that soon enough our hobby became a profession!

As the time passed through our profession and after working in several events we gained passion for detail and new ideas. We soon realized that, since we love what we do, we have the opportunity to turn what other people have dreamt of for their event into reality, through our imagination, enthusiasm and experience.

Lucky for us, all people have a beautiful story to share!

Our films revolve around telling that story from the little quirks to the defining moments: How did you meet? What do you enjoy together? We believe that personality is the key to creating films people can engage with. We care deeply about story and the characters in the heart of them.

Our work is the result of that philosophy.

Perhaps the most important aspect of our team is the fact that despite our size and success we have never forgotten that we are a family of people entrusted with families and their dreams. We hope you will think of us when you come to planning your event and give us the opportunity to introduce our family to your family.

Destination weddings are increasing in popularity and the appeal is easy to understand. The potential for great weather, beautiful scenery and being surrounded by family and friends is undeniable.

No destination is too far since our unending quest to make beautiful things has no limit.

And, since our work comes from our heart, soon enough our moto became the phrase

“we follow your dream around the world”!

So, what does your dream look like? Get in touch with us to wake up your dreams and see them come to life!