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Wedding Filmmaking

Our focus is to produce the most compelling wedding films for our couples. Our filmmakers strive to capture the little moments that most couples miss throughout the day. After watching your wedding film, you will be able to relive your wedding and see it the way your guests did, feeling all of the emotions you felt that day over and over again.

Taveling the world capturing love stories!


We are life’s adventurers so destination weddings are wonderful treats for us – we are always thrilled to have the opportunity to go anywhere in the world, so please do consider these passionate globetrotters for your wedding day, no matter how far away.
Above you can find some examples of videos made by us. You must know, however, that YOUR video will be UNIQUE. Skill, technique, and above all, sensitivity are required to make a great wedding film. These basic components are the three main ingredients of the recipe of our wedding videos. Our intent is to touch your heart again and again.
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Andreas Politis – Weddign Filmmaker