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The way we look at the world.
The eye through the camera: we always tell something about us when we tell someone else’s story.

Wedding Photographer / Cinematographer

Andreas Politis

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Geia sas!!! We are Andreas and Thomai, husband & wife! Among with Panos we create Studio27 destination wedding videographers & photographers. A married duo based in stunning Greece, we travel the world documenting the most beautiful love stories. Gentle souls who love people, we are fascinated by their stories. Every story is unique and each of our captures reflects this distinctiveness. In love to keep memories. We love the imperfect and the ordinary. We love to capture real emotions, the beauty hidden beneath the surface. Our goal is to capture the wedding day purely, joyfully and honestly. Each wedding is a discovery of a new way to celebrate love and we can’t wait to document yours.


Corfu, Santorini, Athens, Thessaloniki, Drama, Kavala, Meteora, Igoumenitsa, Ioannina, Mesolonghi

Lausanne Switzerland, Lago Maggiore Italy, Sarande Albania



We like to shoot outdoors, in the nature. We like to play with natural light and with the contrast between shadows and lights, with geometries hidden in the landscape and with emotions that shine through glances and little gestures.

Our ideal customers are those “crazy” couples who are not afraid to go out of the usual schemes and get involved. Couples who are able to climb a rock, get into the water, walk barefoot on a meadow or have their hair messy because of the wind.
If you recognize yourself in our photos and in our philosophy, it will be a pleasure to work for you!