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I’m a daydreamer and a life-enjoyer. In love to see the world as children do, marveling over the little things that people usually overlook. A father, husband, son & friend in love with family, nature, getting lost somewhere…and ice-cream, of course! I’m easy to have around, and sometimes a bit “out-of-the-box”. Photographs are emotions, and I’m excited every time I pick-up my camera; my camera is a part of me, and is the key I have to join and capture your life. The emotions we share on your Big Day will create the paper time-capsule you’ll have for the rest of your life.

We love stylish couples, sophisticated minimalism, effortless elegance



Your Love, your wedding, your rules.
A selection from our experience and portfolio of wedding PHOTOGRAPHY in Greece and all around the world for special couple that deserve best services.
If you recognize yourself in our photos and in our philosophy, it will be a pleasure to work for you!
Your wedding photographer in Greece!!!



As a wedding photographer in Greece i feel like dancing under the rain lit by a string of lights in Corfu. A bonfire, a tent, a blanket and your better half who whispers his love under the stars in Myconos. Wet your hair and soak your clothes to find the perfect spot to say your vows mabe a cliff in Athens. Do not say anything at all and look intently into his eyes until laugh out loud on a rooftop in Paris. Feed your soul with a destination wedding in the Santorini, Greece.
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